Mr Win Casino Review

mr-win-logoThe masculine power of the Mr Win casino really shines through from the moment you visit this website; the black and grey layout, alongside the pop of orange, all come together to create this male focused gameplay. Seeing as how male players still outweigh female gamers, it makes sense for a brand to aim for the greater target audience. Even though there’s a clear gendered dynamic here, all types of players are welcome at this modern site, and modern it is. Not only are the typical casino games provided within, but there’s also the ability to bet on sports events, which adds yet another layer as to why this brand has been successful thus far.

Bonuses and Promotions

When it comes to the promotional material provided, customers can see that there appears to be an extensive amount of offers available. What is more, there’s a calendar that can be interacted with to alert users to other bonuses further down the line. This level of organisation, and the offerings shown, demonstrate to us that this is a well established new UK casino, one that’s determined to provide for paying customers. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that players should expect outstanding returns when utilising the promotions given.

We can see this in the welcome bonus given: there’s a grand total of 30 free spins gifted to players, all of which are associated with the Aloha title, created by Net Entertainment. This in comparison with other bonuses out there, for new players, feels very small and unimpressive indeed. Typically you see deposit bonuses, some of which can reach heights of 200% or more, yet here there’s nothing but free gaming at this time. We’re not saying it’s a terrible offer, but it definitely lacks impact, and may fail to entice people in. The only reason we’ve not condemned this bonus is because there’s a follow up promotion that does reward deposit bonuses, meaning that the initial spins are open to everyone, not just those that pay. That is very different from most casinos, so you have a sort of catch-22 of good and bad in place.

Alongside a few other bonus offers, there’s also information regarding the membership of the casino, in which players who game often receive loyalty points. From the information we can see, there’s no other benefit of this other than being able to convert these points into cash, once enough have been collected.

Software and Casino Games

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s many components to the software section of this Mr Win casino. This does mean that more people are accommodated to, but it also means that nothing is really specialised in, which means it’s a casual brand rather than an advanced and niche one. And yet, when we look at the number of titles provided, in the Casino section alone, we can see that this hasn’t hindered the diversity available in any way. In fact, we can only see pages after pages of various titles, all of which inform us that this brand has been carefully crafted to provide everything an online gambler could desire.

In terms of accessing the games, users can choose to play a demo version first, which allows them to figure out their likes and dislikes. Whereas the Sports section and so on provides a more conventional layout, one that looks like something you’d see inside a physical bookies shop; there’s tables, upcoming matches, odds and so forth. Unlike the casino titles where you can play without having to register, those wanting to bet on sports need to become a member to do so.

When it comes to the gaming software we can expect to see, there’s a lot of activities from brands such as Net Entertainment and Microgaming; these two seem to be the only providers we can find involved with this casino. This may change over time, but for now it appears that there’s a type of exclusivity going on.


Due to the nature of the content involved, there’s a thoroughly detailed Help page, one that explains how to deposit and withdraw your cash. However, while there’s a lot of information presented, there’s no easy means of having eyes on visuals about what payment methods are accepted, aside from the logos placed at the bottom of the casino website. We find this a tad disappointing, mainly because it limits how accessible information is for those not yet registered as players. After all, not everyone wants to join without knowing the full ins and outs beforehand.

Initially it appears that no list of providers is given, but we later discovered a table of contents that walks you through methods, such as Visa and Neteller, as well as fees and limits that are placed on each of them. The same isn’t provided for the withdrawal options, though the information states that you should be able to locate the time range for each of them via your account details.

Even though there seems to be a diverse selection of ways to pay, there isn’t when it comes to the currencies, in fact all we could only find that of dollars and pounds. Considering that a wide array of languages are accepted on Mr Win, we find it odd that the currencies didn’t match this.

Company Background and License

The Mr Win website is very open about its beginnings and the hurdles that the brand has had to overcome along the way. We can see this in how they describe that the site was first established in 2007, but was then later re-established in 2010; this level of honesty will put new players at ease, as it shows an openness that not all businesses exudes. Even though the information is plain for all of us to see, some reviews online state the age of the casino as being 2017, which is inaccurate and misleading.

The EveryMatrix Software Ltd site has a license, as you’d expect, but it isn’t one we typically see; it’s from Combined Remote Operating. We don’t often come across different licenses such as this, but it doesn’t mean that the regulations in place are any less reliable or secure. A factor that is reinforced by the Responsible Gaming section, that is available in multiple places across the site.

Customer Service

In regards to customer support, we’re rather surprised to find that such a long standing casino doesn’t have any other means of communication other than emails. Considering the problems that could arise with such a site, you’d expect there to be a live chat option, or at the very least a phone number. Yet we couldn’t find either. This is another disappointment, in our eyes, as it means the turn around time and response time could be more delayed than when using other methods. An assessment we stick to, even despite there being a Help section to hand, as those are naturally limited in what information they can provide.


This is one of the better established and polished casinos we’ve played with online; there’s a sense of sophistication and elegance here. This appeals to all customers, not just the male gamers primarily targeted. However, as we’ve commented on previously, more needs to be done before this Mr Win site provides us with all the necessary tools, such as better customer support.