Kaiser Slots Casino Review

kaiser-slots-casino-logo-1Who let the dogs out is a line of questioning that’s about to come to the fore when it comes to this new UK online casino, titled Kaiser Slots. Even though the name of the website appears to focus primarily on slot games, there are in fact many other activities for users, paying or otherwise, to engage with. This in itself does throw up some issues, even before we begin exploring the brand, simply because of how partially misleading the name of the casino is. Nonetheless, we push on because of how exciting this contemporary site is, with it’s minimal colours then splashes of vibrancy; there’s a bubbling atmosphere here that some older casinos don’t have.

Bonuses and Promotions

If we’re to take a look at the promotional materials available with Kaiser Slots, we become aware of how young this brand is. Even though this isn’t an issue as such, it does mean that the supply of bonuses is limited at this time, which might put those off who are looking for longevity. All we would suggest is to take a look at each of the offers before you make any solids decisions, just because the welcome bonus and thereafter seem pretty giving with their details.

The incentive that punters are given to sign up is a 100% deposit, which could equate to as much as £10, as well as 10 free spins on the Starburst activity. As those of you who often play online casinos will know, this is a rather average reward for those involved. Yes, there’s a significant increase in money thanks to the deposit bonus, but then you have the spins that are restricted, which means that users are tied into one option when registering. As always, you can choose to not take advantage of the gift offered, but that would be a waste of something that, essentially, comes for free.

Alongside this, there’s a live tournament option provided, which isn’t exactly an offer but more an event, followed by nothing other than information on membership. In regards to the exclusive membership, it’s about collecting points as you play, which will steadily move you up levels that range from New Member to Prestige VIP. To gain access to the final two stages, you’ll need a personal invite, which usually occurs via emails.

Software and Casino Games

As we move onto the games now, we notice from the off that the main services available are that of slots, however there’s casino classics, as well as instant wins like scratch cards. Moreover, there’s a Live Casino option available as well, and so, as you can see, the range here is pretty diverse rather than being restrictive. This, to us, is important because of how accessible the site than appears to all types of players, regardless of their age or interests.

In regards to the software shown, Net Entertainment appears to be the main provider of titles, though there’s also games from the likes of NYX, Play’N Go, and Neo Games. When we take all these brands into account, we can see that while there’s not all that many exclusive titles offered, there are many well known and popular ones, most of which come from the most reliable labels within this industry. This in turn creates further confidence in the website and what it can offer those who decide to join.

When it comes to accessing the games, as is very common with most online providers, users can either view all games as a whole or delve into their separate sections. As we can all appreciate, the latter option makes finding a particular game or genre a lot easier than scrolling for minutes at a time.


We’ve heard about the games and bonuses, but there’s not a lot we can do with this information without being aware of the deposit and withdrawal processes of Kaiser Slots. Even though we know some of you will prefer to remain as demo players only, we have to assume that the majority of you will want to deposit some real cash at some point during your membership.

In terms of finding this information, customers will need to select the help section and then browse through the monetary subheadings given: deposit and cash out. Assuming you’re new to this brand, you’ll need to know not only how to input your funds, but which providers are accepted in order for you to do this. Most casinos are pretty thorough in the payment options they offer, a factor that is confirmed here; Kaiser Slots has over 10 providers to go through. Some are for all currencies and others are for a single one, but overall the range is impressive.

Predominantly, the currencies cover Australian dollars, American dollars, Euros, English pounds, and even yen. Although we can’t provide full details, there’s providers like Skrill, Visa, Click and Buy, and Neteller. Most of these providers are accepted when withdrawing, with the turn around times varying from instantaneous to three working days.

Company Background and License

As we expected with such a young casino, Kaiser Slots doesn’t have much in their about me section, which will undoubtedly put some customers off. Even though we can appreciate that a lack of information is scary, we can rest easy about the reliability of this site because of the fact that this company is regulated under the Malta Gaming Authority, as well as the United Kingdom Gaming Commission. These are two brands that nearly every player will want to see when thinking about investing in online gambling activities. Seeing this becomes even more important when we take into account that this entire brand is new for 2017, meaning that Kaiser Slots has a lot to prove because of this stagnated industry.

Customer Service

When it comes to the customer support here, we’d say that Kaiser Slots has covered many bases, not only is there a frequently asked questions section but a live chat as well. Despite the fact that we support both options, we do find them limiting for those that don’t enjoy engaging with live chat agents. Personally, we find it one of the best ways of dealing with a problem instantly, but it also means you have no other options if this line of support fails. If there are other means of contacting the support team, they don’t appear to be listed on the help page, which just adds to the issues raised already.


Kaiser Slots is a fantastic new casino that offers exciting ways to game online, however that isn’t to say there’s anything innovative happening here. This is very much a brand that has stuck to the typical rather than thinking outside of the box. Nonetheless, with so many games available, alongside fast customer service, we can see that this casino can go far in the future. That is assuming it manages to stand up against gaming giants that have been around for many years. For now though, we look to the present and see a website that has nothing more than promise.